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The Process of Developing the Consensus Definition
Further, work to refine the key principles agreed by members and set these out as an accompanying document to the consensus definition.

Subsequent to the development of an agreed set of key principles work will begin to develop a code of conduct to guide effective and ethical practice in Social Marketing.
A review, refinement and updating exercise of the definition and supporting principles will be undertaken among members of all the current supporting associations and any new national or regional Social Marketing associations that are in existence at that time This exercise should aim to test the definition of member’s opinion of good practice at that ti

It was recognized that the definition would be a consensus statement; it would not seek to limit or curtail debate about the nature of Social Marketing.
The consensus definitions purpose would be to enable the supporting associations to develop a common narrative about the nature of Social Marketing that would assist in furthering their collective aim of capturing and spreading good practice.

The definition should focus on both the purpose and nature of Social Marketing practice.
It should be as short and succinct as possible. The definition should be as unambiguous as possible and it should be capable of translation into languages other than English without loss of its substantive meaning. The definition should be subject to on-going refinement to reflect the dynamic and developing nature of Social Marketing theory and practice.

 Endorsement The Boards have also The process consisted of a membership trawl to develop a set of agreed principles of Social Marketing to underpin the definition. The process also
 included an online members vote on these principles; a summary of the survey results is set out in annex two. All members of the participating associations were  given opportunities to see the developing definition, comment and make suggestions for improvements. The definition was further
 refined through an iterative process of drafting and comment by the working group and input from the Boards of the supporting associations.

Five considerations were taken into account when developing the definition:
approved additional work to refine and further develop supporting guidance linked to the consensus definition. This work will include:

In developing a consensus definition of Social Marketing SMA,
 ESMA and AASM working group acknowledged the dynamic and contested nature of elements of Social Marketing  theory and practice as a strength and manifestation of the sophisticated nature of the Social Marketing field. In developing a consensus definition the intention

was not to close down the helpful and inevitable on-going debate about the nature and focus of Social Marketing. The aim was to help build a common narrative that could be used by the supporting associations to promote Social Marketing as a valuable core component of social programs aimed at improving the human condition.

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